Essential Tips

  • Be comfortable in your clothes. If you know you love your outfit and feel good in it, then it will show in your photos.
  • Coordinate colors- pick two to three colors with a similar color palette, example warm tones or cool tones together. Stay away from fluorescent colors, neon colors, solid white (textured white is alright), and busy pattern shirts as they distract and don’t photograph well. Pro tip: start with an outfit that you really like and build eveyone's off of that.
  • If you are including pets (highly recommended) try to have a friend or family member with you to help take care of them when you're posing without them and some treats if they're motivated by food.
  • You'll be moving around a lot and posing in different ways. Keep this in mind and be careful with mini skirts, shoes, as well as outfits that really show cleavage.
  • Dress for the situation. For example, if you are going to a park or barn, high heels may not be the best choice, they would be more suitable for an urban setting.
  • Nude bras under light tops. Black under dark tops.
  • Avoid shine/glitter makeup and lotion as you run the risk of it photographing weird.
  • Shave the day before to avoid redness/bumps.
  • Keep outfit changes on hangers or wear layers to easily change your look.
  • Haircuts, colors, spray on tans, and new styles do a week or so ahead of time, just in case of any "oops."
  • For nails (and toes if they'll be showing) do a day or so before so the polish looks fresh without any chips.
  • Look around your house to see where the photos will be going, be aware of your house decore when selecting attire.
  • Bring along items to help look your best, like q-tips, chapstick, hai ties, brush, bobby pins, etc. Anything that you think you'll need. It's always good to over pack then under pack. For kids, bring snacks or toys to keep your children happy throughout the session.
  • Dring lots of water, it makes your skin look way better!

Newborn Tips

  • The best time to do newborn photos are 5-14 days old for the cutest photos. Do: schedule your session ahead of time (maybe in your thrid trimester) and we can change it if their arrival is slightly late or early.
  • For happy, sleepy little ones, the best time is right after they have been fed. So choose a time where they normally eat and then nap.
  • If you would like naked baby pictures, loosen their diaper and clothing at least 30 minutes before your session. so they won't have marks on their skin.
  • If you have cute props/outfits, please bring them along! The extra items help make your photos more personal, like baby blankets, books, stuffed animals, etc.
  • And finally, Relax! Babies can pick up your anxiety, so stay relaxed and we will get some beautiful photos.

    Wedding Tips

      • Relax and smile often.
      • Practice fully getting on the dress (especially if it's complex), so you know how long it will realistically take.
      • Practice bustling your dress.
      • Bring comfortable shoes for dancing.
      • Don't let your wedding day be the first time you experiment with fake tanner or your hair or make-up. Feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.
      • Touch up your make-up throughout the day.
      • Think about the light? In winter it gets dark between 3:30/4pm, yet in summer you have more time. So plan your wedding party shots accordingly and don't be afraid to ask your photographer for help.
      • A lot of churches have rules, example: no flash photography or where the photographers are allowed to stand. Make sure you ask and are okay with this prior to choosing the location ceremony.
      • Have your bridesmaids/mother get dressed before you as the photos of them help you get into your wedding dress will look much better.
      • Tell your wedding party to smile while walking down the aisle.
      • Feed the photographer(s) right after you feed the head table and immediate family. Often times, we are photographing speeches by the time we get our food and are unable to eat.
      • Try not to eat during the speeches.
      • Try to resist the urge to talk the entire time during first dances unless there is a lot of smiling and laughing between the two of you. It will make fo better photos.
      • De-clutter the getting ready area.
      • Have someone in the wedding party to have granola bars and water (especially hot days!) to share. Keep energized and hydrated.
      • Delegate - you have plenty of people that love you and want to help. Don't do anything on your big day but get ready, show up, and be in the moment!
      • Place your shoes, garter, flowers, rings, jewelry, etc. together prior to the photographer's arrival. It's a lot easier for the photographer to get those creative shots when they know where to find them.
      • Practice the first kiss! While you don't need to fully make-out, we'd love for you to kiss for a second or two. A quick peck give us one photo ofbut a kiss for a couple of seconds gives us multiple options and more photos.
      • If you are doing dips/twirls during the first dance here are a few tips to make them photo ready. First, practice and smile! There are gooms dipping their brides with a scared expression, which is not the reaction they're looking for. Second, do a few dips and twirls to ensure we get a great shot of them. Third, when you dip, feel free to smile looking at each other and kiss.
      • " We had Molly do a photo shoot of our family and we could not be happier. Not only are the photos fantastic, we all had such fun that we are already booked for our next session. "
        - Oria Nallen -

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